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What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Forklift?

By Vincent Rogers

When it comes to moving heavy products from Point A to Point B, very few pieces of equipment are more effective than a forklift. Often seen in warehouses, distribution depots and any other environment where large amounts of stock are transported, forklifts provide a vital asset to the smooth running of many businesses.

So when exactly might you consider hiring a forklift?

Well, one of the most common reasons is to replace a forklift that has been damaged. The process of fixing the vehicle can be time consuming, but many businesses simply don’t have the resources to simply wait for it to become available again. Therefore they need to go out and find a short-term replacement so that the company can maintain maximum efficiency throughout.

Another time you might want to consider hiring a forklift over buying one is for a temporary job. Whether you have a fleet of trucks already working away in your warehouse or none at all, there may be occasions where you need a little extra help to get the work done quicker. So if there is a deadline to meet and you don’t have the equipment to do so yourself, hiring provides a great way to do so cost effectively.

This of course is the major advantage of hiring over committing to an outright purchase, cost. If you only need equipment occasionally or don’t have the storage capacity to house it permanently, why do you need to buy it? By choosing to hire a forklift you get all the benefits of ownership – basically you get to use it – without any of the down sides.

Negatives of ownership don’t simply end at the initial purchase cost; they also cover storage and maintenance. If you chose to buy a forklift truck, you would need to get insurance, replace faulty parts and have it serviced – just as you might a car. Invariably these small duties add up to a more substantial savings later on.

More specific to the forklift, this is very much a specialist piece of equipment. It takes a unique license to operate and can improve the efficiency of a working environment hugely. Often available in either a diesel, electronic or gas version, these heavyweight machines are surprisingly dextrous and nimble.

Designed to operate in often cramped conditions, they are capable of lifting heavy, static objects – usually sat on pallets. They can do this at ground level or much higher thanks to the lift mechanism, which is what makes them particularly popular in larger warehouses.

As they are required to do a wide range of duties, the forklifts themselves can be remarkably versatile. Some are designed to deal with heavier weights, whilst others are designed to be compact and nimble, carrying far lighter products in the process. When you come to rent your own forklift, you will have the option to choose the model that best suits your requirements.

This means that you won’t be left with something that is unable to perform the duties you require, or that you aren’t comfortable using. Most plant hire firms will be able to assist you with finding a suitable model if you are unsure yourself. This is why having an understanding of what it is that you want beforehand is so important.

You will of course need to be licensed to hire a forklift. This does required specialist training, which should be carried out before operating. Some plant hire companies will offer training as an additional service, to help you get used to the equipment before turning you loose on your stockroom.

As I think we’ve established here, forklifts provide a variety of uses and can be essential in a variety of environments. If you don’t have the capital to purchase one or only require it for a limited time period, hiring is a great alternative to buying. You can hire a forklift to keep things ticking over or to speed up a job.

About the Author: Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For professional Waste Disposal Equipment, Plant Hire Forklift Hire UK he recommends Nationwide Hire.

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