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December 6, 2010

Choosing the right forklifts for sale depends on more than just finding the model with the appropriate weight capacity. Buyers and operators must also consider the terrain in which the forklift trucks will be used. Operating a forklift in terrain that it was not designed to handle will endanger the safety of both the operator and the equipment, causing a number of problems that are expensive to repair.

Most forklifts are indicated for use indoors or across smooth surfaces like concrete or even tightly packed dirt. These regular forklifts are often powered by electric motors and run on wheels with a small diameter. While these models are very stable when carrying loads across flat surfaces, they do not have sufficient power or counterweights to navigate hills, gravel or rough roads. Even the most experienced operator will not be able to navigate rough terrain in this type of forklift, and they should never be asked to do so.

Rough terrain forklifts are widely available. Telling the difference between rough and regular terrain capable machines is easy. First, the tires on rough lifts are generally larger and feature deep treads. This allows them to pass over gravel and remain steady even when traversing hills. Most such forklifts also feature combustion engines, much like those that are found in cars or trucks. This provides them with the additional power necessary to move heavy loads through variable conditions.

While all terrain lifts are much more adept at traveling through mud and loose dirt, there is still a risk that they will tip over if used improperly. Before using them in an outdoor environment, operators and site managers should make sure that the route the forklift will travel is clear of obstructions and the ground is solid enough to support the weight of the machine and the load. Not all rough terrain forklifts are the same, so before investing in one, talk to a dealer about where it will be used and the conditions it will be required to navigate. Finding these forklifts for sale will not be difficult. There are many providers that can be found online and that will provide immediate discounts for visiting their sites.

Training programs are an important aspect of protecting both your employees and your equipment. These programs allow new operators to learn how to safely operate heavy equipment in a controlled environment with experienced teachers. Managers will find that when operators use equipment properly fewer repairs will be required and maintenance costs will go down appreciably.

Before transporting a heavy load across unfamiliar terrain, take the time to ensure that it is safe. Even the most experienced operator can do little to keep a poorly loaded or incorrectly used forklift trucks from tipping or breaking. These issues lead to expensive repairs and costly delays.

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