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Self-Dumping Hopper Attachment For Forklifts

By Camille Howe

Self dumping hoppers are designed to fit both standard mast and extendable reach forklifts. Each unit features a pocket base that can accommodate forks up to 10″ wide and 2 ½” thick. Easy Rack self-dumping hoppers are construction grade devices designed to withstand continual wear and tear in a fast-paced, heavy-duty construction environment. Unlike cheaper units made from thin sheet metal, our hoppers are made of ?” and 3/16″ steel place. This makes them ideal for removing broken up concrete, plaster, brick, particle board, and other debris. Cleanup crews save a great deal of time when they use self-dumping hoppers for any and all tasks related to moving trash from the building site to the dumpster. The simplicity of attaching a hopper to a forklift in a matter of minutes reduces the time it takes to clear the site by the end of the day, and it reduces the risk of injury when workers have to manually haul debris to the dumpster.

Easy Rack self-dumping hoppers are manufactured with several standard features that make them highly versatile and durable. Each unit is made with a safety lock that prevents the hopper from accidentally dumping its contents when it is jostled in route over rugged terrain. Self-dumping hoppers also have a rope release that allows the operator to discharge the unit’s contents when it is elevated. The same rope allows a worker on the ground to empty the unit if necessary. Balance and smooth operability are maintained with a safety chain that binds the hopper to the forklift and keeps it from sliding off the forks. A grab hook keeps the chain out of the way when it is not in use.

You can have your self-dumping hopper further customized through your Easy Rack account manager. Heavy duty casters with 8″ diameter polyurethane wheels with roller bearings can be added to the unit. The combination of larger wheels, bearings, and polyurethane itself makes it much easier to push the hopper over a cluttered construction site filled with debris and low-lying obstructions. To ensure maneuverability and ergonomic control of the unit, the rear wheels swivel. Casters are not welded to the unit. They are bolted to the hopper’s base instead to allow for quick replacement if they become worn or damaged.

Please be aware that adding this option will require sacrificing some of the hopper’s strength. Units with casters lose approximately 4,000 pounds of weight capacity from this customization. Generally, casters are added for light-duty work and should be ordered only after confirming applicability with a professional.

Also, a self-dumping hopper can be transformed from a forklift attachment to a crane extension with a lifting hook welded to each corner of the unit. Shackles can then be added to attach slings to the hooks. Lifting hooks can support both an empty self-dumping hopper and one that is loaded to its full capacity.

Please be aware that hooks are added to these units so they can be moved from high elevations and rooftops to ground crews below. They will not allow the hopper to be discharged while suspended from the crane, and are only a tool for mobility.

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