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Forklift Attachments

By Camille Howe

The chances are that if you run a warehouse, the largest single investment that you will have made in equipping it is the forklift truck or trucks that you use to move items and loads around. In spite of this large investment in a single item, many businesses find that they do not make the most profitable use of their forklift, and struggle to use it as often as they would like – after all, equipment that is not being used is not making money for the company. In order to assist businesses in getting more value from their forklift truck, there are a variety of different forklift attachments available that enable the truck to be used for many different purposes, and thereby be utilized much more profitably by your business.

Other specialist forklift attachments include extended forks that are able to give greater support to larger objects when they need to be lifted. Some of the most popular forklift attachments available from many companies are designed to give the truck a greater variety of different uses. Special hoppers that can contain large quantities of material can be added to the forks, and then used as a dumper, while there also devices available that can carry out a significant range of specialized material handling actions, as well as platforms that can be mounted on the forklift for inspection work at high levels.

The majority of the fork lift attachments available from a company are designed to refine rather than to reinvent the forklift, and to make it a much more specialized tool that can perform jobs more accurately and more safely. Some items such as protective sleeves for a fork lift are simple plastic items that simply fit over the existing fork to remove the sharpened ends and ensure that less damage or injury is caused should the forklift crash into any item or person.

Other specialist forklift attachments include extended forks that are able to give greater support to larger objects when they need to be lifted, and specially shaped forks that allow you to carry particular loads such as 55 gallon oil drums and large bags.

The fact is that no matter what the kind of load you need to lift, there is a special adaptation or forklift attachment that can make the job easier. While the standard model of forklift is an extremely capable and versatile tool that offers plenty of value as part of your range of material handling equipment, the fact is that by giving it additional equipment to allow it to carry out a wider variety of roles within the warehouse or factory, you also extend the value that it offers to your business.

By using fork truck attachments, you can boost the ability that you have to properly and safely manipulate items around the warehouse. Rather than compromising on the ability that your staff have to carry out a task to the best of their ability, you can invest in a range of tools that will make handling a wide variety of different materials a great deal easier. From hoppers and dumpers that are designed to transform the overall function of the forklift through to shaped extensions that are merely designed to make it better at specific tasks, most companies offer everything that you need to perform a wider range of tasks much more safely.

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