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Various uses of Forklift Attachments in factories and warehouses

Author: Sunil Punjabi

In any factory or industry, safety of the workers is of utmost importance. Goods need to be lifted, transported and stored within the premises without causing any harm to the workers. For this purpose, forklifts are used. In warehouses and distribution centers, these lift trucks or forklifts have become inevitable industrial equipments. It’s not possible to carry heavy things such as pallets and barrels manually. There is no need for you to purchase different machines for lifting various objects. All you have to do is use different forklift attachments for grabbing and moving various objects.

Heavy loads such as pallets can be transported easily and safely. In factories and warehouses, one of the attachments used for transferring pallets is the forklift transfer platform. This attachment is constructed in such a way that the pallets can be piled one over the other inside this box like structure. Apart from letting you save enough space, this attachment also facilitates easy loading and unloading of materials. Forklift attachments are used to lift and move not only pallets but also drums.

Usually in factories lots of scraps and waste materials will be left behind after a certain process is completed. Instead of manually removing the scrap materials, forklift trucks with attachments can be used. These attachments help in lifting the drums and rotating them. This saves lot of time and it is also cost effective. The strong clamps facilitate easy lifting of drums and offer a firm grip. There are various forklift attachments that suit the industrial needs. There are attachments that are capable of holding even two drums at a time. The fork pockets and screw clamps offer a firm grip, holding the base of the drum securely during transportation.

If there is lot of snow that needs to be cleared, then a forklift snowplough attachment can be used. The fixed blade that helps in clearing the snow is available in different measurements. Advancement in technology has paved way for introduction of different multipurpose forklift attachments that are essential for industrial applications. Using these attachments not only speed up work but they also help to transport heavy materials safely, without causing any harm to the workers in factories and warehouses. Various heavy machines need not be bought for lifting and moving heavy materials. All you have to do is buy a forklift and use different forklift attachments.

Forklift attachments are helpful in lifting even cartons and carpet rolls. For dumping sand or waste materials, the forklift rotator is extremely useful in lifting, moving and rotating drums and barrels. The most commonly used forklift attachments are fork positioned, rotator, side shifter, and clamp attachment. These attachments come in various measurements and they are also designed to hold different heavy materials. The attachments come handy for any kind of purpose in factories and warehouses.

If the forklift is not used properly and carefully, there can be heavy loss in terms of inventory and even life. It’s mandatory for the forklift operators to undergo proper training before they operate such heavy machines that use forklift attachments. Using such attachments increase productivity and the workflow is smooth in warehouses and factories.

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