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Forklift Container Ramps

Author: eric bernard

Container-based transportation is a vital component to the design and running of any warehouse, logistics company, distribution centre or manufacturer.

Loading and unloading efficiencies are of a high concern for these businesses, but speed and convenience often comes at the price of occupational health and safety or at the risk of a workplace injury.

Forklift container ramps can provide a solution that avoids dock delays and guarantees safer workplace access to shipping containers if used correctly.

The Forklift Container Ramp is ideal for accessing, loading and unloading shipping containers, bridging access from ground level to the container, and permitting front-on forklift approaches to transport containers.

With fork pockets easily accessible on every forklift container ramp, self-levelling and bi-folding container ramps and fixed container ramps make workplace health and safety risks a non-issue, while the self-levelling component of the bi-fold container ramps promotes full load capacity even when on uneven ground.

It is important to select a bi-fold container ramp that will fit all ISO shipping containers and chiller boxes, or a fixed forklift container ramp that will fit all standard shipping containers. These forklift container ramps can generally be used by most front lift fork trucks.

For those companies needing to load and unload semi trailers from a dock, the use of fully installed dock levellers is recommended, as standard forklift container ramps are not a safe solution for access to a vehicle that may depart without prior warning.

Transport companies, resellers and importers, distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing companies all need access to shipping containers, and the forklift container ramp is the perfect solution.

Even better is a forklift container ramp manufactured fully in accordance with relevant Australian Standards – this would guarantee to save you the risk of liability and long term costs associated with damages to workers.

Whatever capacity you’re after, finding a forklift container ramp to match will guarantee an improvement in handling time and output from loading and unloading activities, while minimising container alignment risk and application costs.

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Eric Bernard makes and distributes  forklift container ramps and other forklift safety equipment such as Trolley and Pallet Truck with his company Bremco (  Bremco knows the value of keeping your workers safe and makes all his forklift equipment to the highest safety standards. 

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