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Make some savings with used forklifts

Author: Jackson Peter

There are many reasons for buying a used forklift. The principal reason is that of making some savings in the expenditure of the company or firm where the forklift is going to be used. New forklifts are no doubt a better option but used forklifts can also be thought of provided the condition of the same is good.

Generally agencies that rent out forklifts trucks often sell them after about seven years at the average and buy new trucks. Electrically powered forklifts are usually sold after ten years or so.

Both the types of forklifts are operated for 1,500 hours per year in single-shift operations. Over the past five years, availability of retired trucks that were leased three to five years has increased. In addition, a short-term-rental forklift truck accumulates about 1,000 hours of use per year and usually is replaced every three to five years. However, this lower use level carries a higher price. Rental forklifts and lease-retired forklift trucks usually sell for 10 to 15 percent more than other used forklift trucks.

After gathering all the information about the used forklifts and choosing a particular machine to buy, the first and foremost task would be to evaluate the condition of the forklift. You should review the forklift’s maintenance records and ask a non biased mechanic to make a thorough inspection. The inspection should be started by checking the mast operation, both without load and also fully loaded. A qualified operator should be allowed to do this inspection. You should look for smooth operation and lack of binding. The mast should be tilted forwards and backwards fully to see if there is any excessive play (3/8 inches or more) between the mast channels, as well as between the carriage and the mast. Checks should also be made for excessive side carriage play. All attachments such as paper roll clamps should be checked and put into its place in the forklift to make sure that it works smoothly.

The transmission should be checked for leaks. The forklift truck should be fully warmed up and then its differential, mast and tilt cylinders, engine and radiator checked for any faults. It should be borne in mind that even a small leak is a warning sign of some damage. The extent and the source of the leak should be carefully examined so as to determine the cost of repairing the same before the purchase is finalized. The body of the forklift truck should also be examined for its appearance, dented or gouged body panels or scratches, all of which are signs of careless operation.

The most important part to be completed before finalizing the deal is to put the forklift truck through a road test. The truck should be driven through a tight figure-eight pattern in both forward and reverse gears. There should be quick and accurate response to the gears and the steering wheel. The tires should also be checked. If the tires are old, check for uneven wear, because this may be a hint for axle misalignment.

In addition to the above the following should also be carefully examined before making a decision:

  • Check for low oil pressure
  • Check for worn out rings and valves
  • Radiator should be checked thoroughly
  • Whether there is any rust in the air coolant
  • Downward drift of an elevated carriage
  • Leaking hydraulic valves
  • Excessive fork wear
  • Check chassis for wear and tear and whether it has been welded
  • Loose steering
  • Whether any of the safety equipment is missing

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