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Three Different Types of Forklift Tires

Author: Rebecca

Forklifts come in many different types as they are designed to be used for a variety of purposes. You will need the right kind of forklift tires to ensure the vehicle performs to the best of its ability. There are three main types of tires such as pneumatic, solid, and polyurethane. This article will discuss the different types of forklift tires.


One of the first types of forklift tires is the pneumatic kind. Pneumatic tires are tough and durable and look just like the tires that are used on most heavy-duty trucks. They are commonly used to help the forklift deal with rough terrain easily. They are made from strong, thick rubber and have a deep tread. These forklift tires are filled with air and help the forklift last longer by providing an air cushion between the forklift and the ground.


Some forklift tires are made of solid rubber. Although they look similar to pneumatic tires, they are not filled with air as they are completely made of solid rubber. These tires can last a long time and will never pop or become deflated like pneumatic tires. However, solid forklift tires do not help extend the lifespan of the forklift because they don’t provide a cushion of air between the vehicle and the ground. These tires also have the advantage of being able to be used outdoors or indoors, although they shouldn’t be used outside on a regular basis.


One of the final types of forklift tires are made of polyurethane. These are simple tires that are designed to be pressed onto the wheel of the forklift. They are very easy to install. Forklift tires made of polyurethane are the best type to use on electric forklifts. They provide excellent traction, but are only suitable for use indoors. They will not be able to withstand rough terrain like other tires that are suitable for outside use.

These are the different types of forklift tires. Pneumatic tires are tough and durable, so they are ideal for outside use on rough terrain. They also help the forklift have a longer lifespan as they provide a cushion of air between the vehicle and the surface of the ground. Solid tires have the advantage of never deflating like the pneumatic variety, but they don’t extend the lifespan of the forklift. Forklift tires made of polyurethane are only suitable for use indoors as they won’t be able to withstand rough terrain.

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