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Creative use for forklift-type batteries

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Ulrich Schrems’ utilisation of two eight-year-old Yuasa-brand rechargeable lead-acid batteries suggests a possible end-life use for some of the industrial batteries currently providing electric power for forklifts in their many environments. Each of Schrems’ batteries can store up to 524 ampere-hours of energy.

Often advocates of fuel-cell technologies for materials handling equipment cite the lengthy changing and cooling cycles for heavy forklift batteries and the dedicated physical plant space those processes require in a factory or warehouse.

“Normally, this type of battery — 24-85P-13 — i

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s used for a forklift truck, but I use this type for solar and wind (applications)”, says Schrems, who resides in the Delta, British Columbia community of Tsawwassen in the extreme south western corner of Canada.

“From May through September, depending on the year, we can capture from 6 kilowatts (kW) to 11 kW per day,” he reports. “From October to April, we can capture from 2 kW to 8 kW.”

In addition, Schrems has two wind generators, each capable of generating 0.9 kW of energy daily.

Schrems is owner and president of Deltech Ltd, which provides technology solutions involving wind turbines, organic-Rankine-cycle power turbines, geothermic systems, solar systems and micro turbines. “We are providing support in Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific,” he says. The countries include South Africa and China.

Schrems’ creativity warranted recognition as a community hero in the Canadian province of British Columbia’s LiveSmart BC program and received feature coverage in the 21 October issue of the South Delta Leader newspaper.

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