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Forklift Work Platforms

By Camille Howe

It is often necessary to quickly elevate maintenance personnel to overhead racks and shelving. This is vital to the smooth operations of any organization. The important thing to remember is that transporting workers must be done with the best assurance of safety in the process to avoid injuries, downtime, and possible liabilities. Forklift work platforms are an ideal tool you can use to accomplish both safe and speedy transportation and elevation of employees within your warehouse or plant. Simply by attaching one of these work platforms to the front of your forklift, create an entirely new form of vehicle that is intended for a specific, unique function and designed to fulfill that function with the highest level of human safety.

Fork truck work platforms are built with fork pockets in the back that allow them to be accessed by the tines of the forklift. Chains are then wrapped around the forks to provide the first level of securing the attachment. The second level of security comes in the form of a tine lock engaged to lock the work platform firmly in place.

Forklift work platforms have handrails on three sides that workers can grip and use to maintain their balance while the platform is being elevated or moved. Standard units include a checkered floor plate that is designed to provide foot traction for workers while the forklift is moving the platform forward. The fourth side of most units features a 60″ high expanded metal backing, although in California, OSHA requirements mandate an 84″ backing, which you can easily obtain from your Easy Rack account manager.

The standard capacity for the average forklift work platform is approximately 1,000 pounds—more than enough weight capacity to allow you to lift several employees at once and to move them forward without mishap. Further safety features such as lanyards with safety harnesses, a harness or hook to further secure the platform to the forklift, and an emergency stop button kit and web can be ordered with your unit. Fork truck work platforms can be ordered in either new models or used models. Used models feature the same capacity and safety features as new fork truck work platforms, but can save you as much as 40% off your purchase order.

If you are concerned about limited space your facility, or if you want to invest in a tool whose operation and storage is maximized for ergonomic convenience, invest in the space saving, super efficient fold down forklift work platform. This unit performs in exactly the same way as our standard models operate, and it offers the added benefit of compact storage. One person can easily assemble the unit for use and fold it down again when finished.

Doors on either side of the fold down forklift work platform can be opened easily and closed securely with a built in latch. The fold down fork truck work platform features 60’ high expanded metal handrails and back to ensure personnel safety, and the platform also includes a tine lock like the ones found in standard models. When workers are finished with the task at hand, one person can quickly fold the unit down and store it with minimal effort, lost time, and space.

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