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March 6, 2011


When starting a new project on staffing forklift operators and you want to know the way to do it, this article would guide you through. I have tried to explain how to go about completing your project in a step by step fashion. Each step is a guide towards success and you don’t have to worry if you an amateur in this.

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Stand-up Clamp Forklift Operators Require Different Skillsets According to Prologistix

Author: Thomas Cutler

According to Brian Devine, division vice-president of ProLogistix, “The staffing industry was doing a poor job servicing the logistics industry with talented employees. At ProLogistix, we created the most comprehensive application process for logistics employees in the industry. We use our selection process to evaluate a candidate’s specific knowledge and experience, and we then match qualifications to the positions for which we are recruiting. For instance, if a company needs stand-up clamp truck operators, we won’t send them sit-down forklift operators. If a company uses RF scanners, we won’t send them employees who only have manual pick ticket experience.”

Unlike other staffing organizations, 100% of ProLogistix recruiting efforts are centered around logistics. Branch staff is trained in logistics, and they understand the intricacies of the industry. Staff is not spending time testing and interviewing bookkeepers, data entry clerks, and construction workers. ProLogistix is fortunate to have built a reputation in the communities served as the “go-to” company when seeking a job in a warehouse or distribution center.

ResourceMFG, the sister division to ProLogistix places manufacturing specific positions. Devine explained the differentiation between the two organization by noting, “The way we differentiate between which clients are best served by ResourceMFG or ProLogistix is to ask what the company does. If they manufacture products, then they are best suited to ResourceMFG; if they distribute products, then ProLogistix is the right staff solution.”

The types of positions ProLogistix fills include:

• Loaders and Unloaders

• Order Selectors

• Warehouse Associates

• Shipping and Receiving

• Forklift Operators

• Quality Assurance

• Supervisors

• Warehouse Managers

• Operations Manager

Each ProLogistix branch employs a certified forklift trainer, so every powered industrial equipment operator placed on assignment is certified in accordance with the OSHA requirements. Nationwide ProLogistix has more than 6200 certified forklift operators.

The combination of an exclusive focus on logistics, screening tools utilized in the application process, and the experience of branch staff makes ProLogistix the leading provider of logistics talent in the country.


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