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Forklift Training Videos

Author: compliancesafety

Forklift safety is a critical concern in companies through the US and around the world. Each year there are more than 94,000 forklift or industrial truck accidents are reported throughout the US and they are the leading cause of occupational deaths.  Most accidents occur because of improper loading, poor operation, and hit or falls.  These types of accident not only cost lives but they also cost companies a substantial amount of money to fix.

OSHA’s regulation 1910.178(l) has strict guidelines regarding the use of forklifts and industrial trucks; that must be followed. Statistics have shown that employees, who possess the proper training for the use of his or her forklift, demonstrate a greater knowledge of how to safely operate their forklift, safety awareness and superior driving skill. Forklift safety training reduces the risk for accidents, reduces company costs, keeps products rolling and keeps everyone’s health and safety in check.

Our Forklift Video program was created to assist facilities in complying with OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard. Designed to address the training needs of forklift operators with any level of experience, this easy-to-use training program helps you fulfill the classroom training requirements of OSHA 1910.178(l) and offers guidelines and tools for conducting practical training. Experienced, licensed operators who have the exposure of handling Forklifts effectively and efficiently developed the Forklift Video program.

Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, this course from the Interactive CD-ROM Training Library provides the most cost-effective training available today. The course features platform software, which installs automatically, and comprehensive user’s and trainer’s guides. The course takes about 45 minutes to complete (depending on the employee), and is divided into a number of logical sections so information is easily understood… and retained. The Forklift Workshop training program covers:

  • OSHA’s Certification process
  • Forklift basics (types, rear steering, turning radius, combined center of gravity and the stability triangle, load center and controls)
  • Inspecting your forklift
  • Picking up a load
  • Traveling with a load
  • Placing a load
  • Working in a truck, trailer or railcar
  • Charging and refueling
  • Maintenance and modification
  • Specialized units and attachments
  • Hazardous locations and forklift types
  • The seven classes of industrial trucks
  • Lifting employees

It’s time to get your company up to par with forklift safety awareness and operation. The use of Forklift Video program is one of the best and most cost effective method or tool available to companies, which will not only train your employees on how to operate the forklifts but also provides a great deal of knowledge regarding the safety measures which are required to undertake while using a forklift.

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