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January 10, 2011


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Forklift Courses: Different Ways To Train Your Operators

By Ernest Jarquio

Training is essential to the safe work environment when forklifts are used. Everyday, many accidents occur because of forklifts. A large percentage of these accidents results in serious bodily injuries or death. These numbers are reduced when the operators are fully trained in how to handle the equipment that they are using. While training can not eliminate all accidents, it is a great step towards reducing them.

There are several ways that an operator can take forklift courses. OSHA has regulations regarding forklift operations. As such, workers can not operate a forklift until they have been certified through a training session that meets OSHA standards and regulation. The most common operator training methods are via online course, dealership-sponsored training, on-site training by an instructor from the dealership and in-house training using material provided by OSHA.

Online Courses

One way that courses are offered is online. Most online courses will cover the safety procedures that meet OSHA standards. The downside with this method is that you can not receive a hands on evaluation to ensure that you know how to do what you have been told to.

These are not bad for refresher courses to just get you up to date on new standards and procedures though. Search engines can be used to find and screen through various online training courses. You need to make sure that the one you are considering to take meets OSHA standards for the training to be effective.

Dealership Training

Another way to go through forklift courses is to do so through a manufacturer or dealership that offers them. Most manufacturers will offer training sessions that you can send your employees to. All training sessions offered by the manufacturer or dealership will meet OSHA standards. Therefore, you have no worry that you employees will not meet OSHA standards for forklift operations.

On-Site Training

Most dealerships and manufacturers will also offer training session on-site at your facility. This will allow for employees who can not go to a training session away to still be able to receive training. With on-site training, the instructor can address specific conditions and hazards that are present in your work area so that the employees know how to handle them. Since each facility is different, this maximizes the employees’ training.

OSHA Training Material

Your company can also offer training to the employees by utilizing training videos and material available through OSHA. This is the most cost effective method for forklift training available. Training material will not only include everything you need to train the employees but also the printable material for giving a certification. Since all of this comes from OSHA, you are ensured that it meets all OSHA requirements and standards.

No matter what method you use to offer forklift courses to your employees, you can rest assured that with training the risks of accidents are reduced. Reduced accidents save lives as well as increase productivity and company profits. With training, the risk of damage to merchandise is also reduced. Overall, it is a winning situation for everyone when forklift operators are trained correctly.

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