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 Author: Anaekwe Everistus Nnamdi


Though truck haulage is a viable business in Nigeria since virtually all movement and transportation of heavy goods and equipment has to be done with it due to the collapse of railway transportation in Nigeria years back but because of the non-specialized nature and relatively small start-up capital required to commerce the business, makes it easy for new entrance into the business and the competition for available services in the industry. This factor has seriously affected profit realizable from the business over the years. Succeeding in the haulage business in Nigeria requires that the entrepreneur identifies and creates a niche market / service in the industry.

The operation of crane and forklift rental and leasing services is one of such niche market in the haulage industry. Cranes are used in the lifting and transportation of heavy duty equipment like generators, PHCN transformers and poles and containers over long distances while forklifts are used in the lifting and transportation of goods over short distances.

These machines come in different design, capacity and function. For the crane, there is the twenty {20} tones cranes, that is, cranes that can carry twenty {20} tones of load and below. There is also the self loader and as the name implies, this is a crane that can load itself. The low bed crane is used in the transportation of earth moving equipments like excavators and graders.

Cranes and forklift rental and leasing services are required in different sectors of the economy which includes telecommunication, power, maritime, manufacturing and construction.

Although transportation and haulage business is as old as mankind, crane and forklift rental and leasing business seems not to be pronounced because of the unique nature of the kind of services provided.

The business has a National market but most concentrated around the commercial centers like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan,Kaduna ,Aba ,Kano to mention a few. With the average economic growth rate put at 3.5% per annum in the past five {5} years, Nigeria surely has an expanding and sustainable market for crane and forklift rental and leasing services.

Crane and forklift services could be complemented adding excavators and graders to services the entrepreneur offers. Excavators are highly utilized in the construction and mining industry. With the exception of the quarry industry, mining in Nigeria is still done at the artisan level with crude implements like diggers and shovels and at such output is low. In order to move forward and increase the output of the mines, a lot of mine owner now demand for the services of excavator leasing companies.

There is no doubt about the market for crane and forklift services in Nigeria but the entrepreneur would have to conduct a market survey to identify potential customers ,market size and marketing strategies.

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